Q: What size ceiling medallion should be used?

A: This is a matter of personal preference, but traditionally for an 8 - 9 foot ceiling height an 18 inch - 22 inch diameter medallion is appropriate, and 10 - 12 foot ceilings require a larger diameter medallion.

Q: Can you cut a hole in the center of the medallion for a light fixture?

A: Yes. Usually a 3-31/2" hole is sufficient. We are happy to drill this hole for the customer upon request.

Q: What are your products made of?

A: Most of our products are casts in gypsum (plaster) and depending on the piece different reinforcing materials are used.

Q: Can your products be used outside?

A: All our casts can be made with an acrylic add mix for exterior use. We can also have pieces made in fiberglass, casting resins, and cast stone (cement). Our traditional gypsum (plaster) pieces are for interior use only.

Q: How do I install the gypsum pieces?

A: In most instances the gypsum casts should be pre drilled and sheet rock screws should be used to fasten the to the framing. We are available to answer any questions you may have on installing our products.

Q: Can your products be painted?

A: Yes. Treat the painting application as you would any raw plaster surface. A good primer-sealer is recommended.

Q: Do you have minimum order requirements?

A: Yes. For items priced per lineal foot (/ft) there is a 60-foot minimum per item. For items that are priced per piece (pc) there is a $45.00 minimum order, not including shipping.

Q: What is the lead-time for my order?

A: Most orders can be shipped within 10 to 14 working days. Custom work is based upon the individual order.

Q: How do you ship your products?

A: UPS Ground or Truck can ship most items. We take care to package our items to prevent damage. Cornices and oversized items are packaged in wooden crates, smaller items are packed in bubble wrap and cushioned with a natural fiber, and in some instances double boxed. Through hard work we have managed to keep damage in transit to a very small percentage. Nevertheless, some of our products are fragile and sometimes our best efforts suffer in transit. Please inspect your shipment upon receipt of delivery. If your merchandise has been damaged, be sure to notify the carrier immediately and keep all packing materials. All claims for damage or loss should be filed with the carrier within 24 hours.


You may e-mail us at info@bostonornament.com. We welcome your questions.