Historic Renovation with Ornamental Plaster June 10 2013

The Boston Ornament Company, as conservators of ornamental plaster, endeavor to maintain strict adherence to historical preservation codes and original specifications of materials. The company has been involved in many large restoration projects as well as several award winning restorations.

Warner Theatre - Ornamental Plaster and Historic Renovation June 10 2013

Warner Theater, painstakingly restored in 2000 to its original beauty, is an elegant proscenium theater that seats an audience of 360.

Beautiful Custom Interior with Ornamental Plaster June 07 2013

For over two decades, Boston Ornament Company has collaborated with clients to bring their designs to fruition. Whether you're designing a contempory or classic environment, you can work with our artisans. Use our extensive inventory of molds to create a unique piece, or have us custom carve new designs for your interior or exterior use.